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Custom software application IRIS Finance (IRBIS Information System)

IRIS Finance – is Modular software for working with financial information. Software application IRIS Finance can be used in various operating environments, such as windows, linux and so on. Data are updates through the Internet connection. IRIS Finance combines all the financial data of the IRBIS base as modules: Transaction in shares, government and corporate bonds, trading currencies, indices and indicators. Annex IRIS provides convenient features guides to the issuers and securities. Also, in the system for the convenience of users there is news module with extensive functionality for finding and filtering information. All of the modules provide tools for setting up a custom view, sort and filter information, as well as the full-text search. For the convenience of users are implemented tool tips in Russian. Benefits for users:

  • Access to various financial data from a single location (the deal with stocks, bonds, currency market, indicators, etc.)
  • The efficiency and relevance of information: data is updated whenever upon receipt
  • highly intuitive user interface
  • Ability to work with current and archival data
  • Functional switch between modules and windows
  • Ability to work with an array of data in offline mode

Custom application IRIS Finance - is constantly developing and perfecting the product. Department of developers in conjunction with marketing and sales departments are working on additions and improvements to the system for more comfortability for our users.